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The Charity's Primary Aim

“The Lifesaving Foundation supports and promotes evidence based research into drowning prevention and rescue.”

Why is the work of the Foundation important?

To reduce the number of drowning incidents we need to understand why these events happen.  This explains why the work of the Foundation is important.

Drowning accidents cause: -

  • People to die.
  • People to be injured – physically and mentally.
  • Drowning incidents injure and affect a wide range of people who are involved – the casualties, rescuers and bystanders.
  • The friends and relatives who know and love the individuals directly involved can also be distressed by these events so increase the numbers are effected.
  • The causes are varied – mistakes, errors, bad errors, bad choices, caught by surprise, wrong assumptions,  under estimating abilities, self-inflicted.
  • Every case of drowning is different.
  • It’s a worldwide problem.
  • It’s a huge problem -  375,000 people p.a. (World Health Organisation (WHO)).
  • It is a leading cause of child death across the world.
  • Each drowning is a complex problem, influenced by location, people involved and many other elements.
  • The financial as well as emotional cost in society is huge.

What is Drowning

Drowning is the process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion/immersion in liquid. (WHO)

Why this approach

  • The drowning problem can only be resolved if we find the real evidence based reasons truths of the causes.
  • We want to, we need to and we can make a difference.  Few others are doing it.
  • Solutions are applicable across the world.
  • It hasn’t been done before.
  • Doing something the same way only results in the same outcomes.
  • Process improvement – Why, Why, Why, Why (Toyodo).

How does the Foundation make a difference

It encourages research by:-

  • Organising our Bi-annual International Conference
  • Scholarship
  • Co-operate
  • Partnership